That's a wrap!

The first Chaos Show is over. Thanks to all exhibitors and visitors for joining and supporting the first decentralized Show within the film industry!

We hope you enjoyed it, and no worries, we will be back soon!

Some statistics from the first Chaos Show:

  • 10 days

  • 8 exhibitors

  • 28 sessions

  • over 800 bookings

  • 2.500 visits 

We will be back soon with more Chaos!

What is the Chaos Show?

  • Chaos is the first decentralized trade show within the film industry.
  • Chaos is a global show combining both virtual and  real life events.
  • Chaos provides a brand new platform for manufacturers and end users to connect from virtually anywhere.
  • Chaos is organised by focuspulleratwork and will be held twice a year. 

How can manufacturers / resellers participate in The Chaos?

  • Manufacturers and Resellers can join The Chaos Show as exhibitors by contacting
  • Exhibitors can host bookable online events through from November 3rd - 12th
  • Visitors can book event for FREE through the quick and simply booking systems.
  • Online event sessions can be offered as 1:1, 1:5 or even 1:50.
  • Exhibitors can structure their event sessions to best fit product presentations or topic talks.
  • Each session can be offered multiple times.
  • Because all Chaos sessions will be presented through Zoom, a suitable Zoom account and webcam will be required. 

How can we join the Chaos, hosting a real life event?

  • Manufacturers, reseller and even rentals can join The Chaos and host either virtual or real life events at their own facilities from November 3rd - 12th. 
  • Real life events will be announced and promoted throughout The Chaos show (FREE OF CHARGE).
  • Events can even be hosted in real life but shared globally through online streaming.
  • Real life events enable the community to come together in small groups for a real hands on experience.
Want to exhibit in the next CHAOS?
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Exhibitors will be listed until 22nd of October.