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That's a wrap!

Thank you to all participants and exhibitors of this years Chaos Show. We will soon upload all sessions so you can re-watch them

What is the Chaos Show?

  • Chaos is the first decentralized trade show within the film industry.

  • Chaos is a global show combining both virtual and  real life events.

  • Chaos offers a cutting-edge platform that enables connections between users and manufacturers, nearly anywhere. 

  • Chaos is organised by focuspulleratwork and will be held twice a year. 

How can manufacturers / resellers participate in The Chaos?

  • Manufacturers and Resellers can join The Chaos Show as exhibitors by contacting

  • Exhibitors can host bookable online events on website from October 31st - November 13th

  • Visitors can book event for FREE through the quick and simply booking systems.

  • Online event sessions can be offered as 1:1, 1:5 or even 1:50.

  • Exhibitors can structure their event sessions to best fit product presentations or topic talks.

  • Each session can be offered multiple times.

  • Because all Chaos sessions will be presented through Zoom, a suitable Zoom account and webcam will be required. 

Want to exhibit in the next CHAOS?
Thanks for submitting!
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